In English

Lisa Rydberg works as an artist, cartoonist, artteacher and illustrator for books, exhibitions, magazines, animations and websites.

Her latest publications are ’Landgörst’ a book about a lost man and a grafic novel about the life of Anaïs Nin in New York during Second World War called ”Mitt ö, mitt opium-My island, my opium”.

Lisas fascination for old books about food, deserted museums, the act of drawing-what happens in the brain and how to teach art, old chairs, hair, hands, dresses, birds, old men and inspiration such as Lynda Barry, Chris Ware, HBO productions, surrealism, Louise Bourgeois and Jan Lööf´s animated story for children about Skrotnisse has led her to her own genre somewhere in between childrens books, art and comics.